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Wedding Ceremonies 
for 2 to 250
With over 100 acres of land, ceremonies are held in many locations across the property. Each location is meticulously manicured in preparation for your ceremony.  White garden chairs and a white lattice arbor are provided for use during your ceremony. Unfortunately some things are out of our control and the weather is one of them!  We always plan an alternative interior location just in case!  
Ceremony Locations
Outdoor Locations
Hayden Back Lawn
adjacent to the pines patio, this area is ideal for a ceremony of any size
Northern Lawn
located next to the northern lodge, this area provides a lovely back drop for a picture perfect 
ceremony of any size

Front Lawn
this rolling lawn is located in front of the hayden lodge, closest to our front patio
Indoor Locations
Pines Room
accommodating up to 150 guests, this room is located on the first floor of the hayden lodge
Pines Patio
this enclosed patio accommodates up to 200 guests for a ceremony in case of rain drops
The Warren House
the telechron and maple rooms are available for ceremonies up to 50 guests