Greetings From The Warren Center


Do you know what I am? Many of you have experienced my resources. If your children play soccer, or you walk your dog, or you play tennis, or walk through my trails you have experienced one of Ashland’s most vital resources. Unfortunately I am sad because the vast majority of people who enjoy me still have no idea what I do.

Did you know that there is a boutique hotel in Ashland? That’s me (I’m super strong from working out in my state of the art gym). Did you know that all year long couples get married and have beautiful wedding receptions in Ashland? That’s me (I’m so romantic). Did you know that important companies have important meetings with important people in Ashland? That’s me (titan of industry). Did you know that there is a ropes course with zip lines and giant ladders in Ashland? That’s me (team builder extraordinaire).  Did you know that there used to be a summer camp in Ashland? That’s me. And did you know that many family gatherings and corporate outings still take advantage of camping activities like canoeing and softball, and still sleep in the same cabins (since upgraded of course) in Ashland? That’s me (creating lifelong memories). Did you know that there is a function facility that can handle everything from a BBQ picnic to champagne and caviar in Ashland? That’s me (yes I can cook too).

I already know who you are. Why don’t you come and get to know me. I think I might be your perfect match.