Greetings From The Warren Center


After the big snowfall on February 10th it is nice to know that spring is in the air!  An early spring is on the way, according to groundhog "Punxsutawney Phil." When the Pennsylvania groundhog emerged from his dwelling at Gobbler's Knob on Feb 2, 2013, he did not see his shadow. Although the groundhog’s prediction has the accuracy rate of 75-90% it’s nice to think that spring is on its way!

Thoughts of spring bring smiles to the faces of New Englanders.  After months of cold temperatures, snow, ice, heavy jackets and gloves it is nice to think of the activities that come with spring.  Longer warmer days perfect for baseball, soccer, bicycling, gardening, barbeques the list goes on and on. Here at the Warren Conference Center and Inn we still have our plow sanding trucks ready to go but we are also planning for the work ahead for the spring.  Blades are being sharpened on our lawn mowers and landscaping equipment.  The Warren Conference Center and Inn maintains acres and acres of land along Chestnut Street.  There are over 50 garden beds around property in addition to the acres and acres of open fields.  This fall we planted approximately 2000 tulip bulbs all around the property.  As the blanket of snow begins to melt we are anxious to see the pops of color the tulips will bring.

Spring also brings time for planning.  Our herb garden is planted each spring and requires preparation and planning to provide fresh herbs to our kitchen for use throughout the fall.  Each year the beds are tilled and the soil is prepared to grow up to twenty five types of herbs.  We need to plan for the planting of the herbs in the beds as there are different requirements depending on the type of plant.  Our beds offer both sun and shade and the soils are prepared to provide the right needs for the plants for optimum success.  Covered with snow now, the upcoming weeks will provide the rising temperatures and thawing grounds needed to begin preparations.  

Around the property we feature over 50 garden beds filled with perennial plants.  We accent these beds with annual plantings as well.  Maintaining the beauty of all these unique plantings requires a lot of watering!  We collect rain water in order to tend to all of the gardens.  Our rain water collecting barrel holds over 1500 gallons of water that is captured from spring into fall in order to give our plants what they need.  The rainwater in collected through run off from The Hayden Lodge and is dispensed into smaller tanks that are pulled by trailers to get to the many areas on property.   Our maintenance and facilities department spends countless hours each week to ensure the grounds have all the hydration they need throughout the spring and summer seasons.  

Spring also brings the season of special occasions to celebrate.  Graduations will be here before you know it!  It’s never too early to start your planning!  The Warren Conference Center and Inn is a perfect location to host a get together of any size.  Our overnight accommodations allow for your out of town guests to be close to you, while also having their own space!