Party Planning


It takes a lot of thought, planning and effort to put together a party of any kind.  There are many books, blogs and websites devoted entirely to the art of event planning.  Many colleges and universities now offer courses in event planning.  

If you really think about it any type of get together requires a certain amount of time and attention.  Whether a holiday dinner with family, a child’s birthday party, an impromptu neighborhood get together, a dinner party, a celebration you name it, it takes time and effort to plan!

For many planning a party is a simple, enjoyable task.  For others this task can be extremely daunting!  For most the task lives somewhere in the middle! Here at The Warren Conference Center & Inn our dedicated professional planning staff does this every day for all types of events both corporate and social.  We want to share some tricks of the trade with you!  

Every party has several components involved in creating or hosting a flawless event!  Time is often a very large factor in planning and hosting!  Party’s can be put together in a matter of days or even years depending on the type of party and the amount of details involved.  There is always preliminary work involved with hosting a party or event.  Lists are a wonderful tool to keep you organized in your plans.    
In planning any type of event there are several questions you must answer before the ideas can all come together.

  1. Theme - What is your vision for the gathering?
  2. Date and time - When is the party?
  3. Guest List – People make the party!  
  4. Location – Where are you hosting the party?
  5. Budget? – Include anything you will spend money on!  Food & beverage, decoration, venue rental, invitations, gift bags, transportation, accommodations, entertainment, etc., etc. etc!  This can range considerably - from pot luck at home to a full blown catered extravaganza!  The sky is the limit!
  6. What type of entertainment would you like? IPod or band?  This can be a big ticket and time consuming item!
  7. Menu planning - food & beverage – All gatherings come around food and beverages!  Menus can tie into your theme or be your theme! Consider the preparation and the service and of course the cost of the food and beverages!
  8. Decorations – This is where a lot of time and money can be tied up!  Consider what the decorations are and the time involved with displaying and setting them up.  Time is even involved in picking up balloon bouquets and unwrapping packages of streamers!  This will play a big role in your set up!
  9. Invitations – How are you going to invite people?  Evite, phone call, email, printed invitation?  There are many options out there!  Be sure to include an RSVP date so you can have an accurate count.  Allow enough time to track people down! 
  10. Lists, Lists & more lists – Organize your to do’s with lists!  Start with your time frame and go!  The items will get more detailed as you get closer to the day!  The lists will vary based on the specific details around the party!  Don’t forget to include time spent on shopping, cleaning, preparing!  Build in extra time as everything takes longer in reality than on a list!
  11. Get help!  You will need it!  To help with all of the things on your list!   
  12. The more organized you are, the more you will enjoy the party itself!
  13. Relax and enjoy your party!  

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