Corporate Events

Located on over 100 acres of land, Warren Conference Center and Inn is the best place to escape the bustle of the city and the monotony of in-house meetings. Warren Conference Center and Inn offers meeting rooms paired with all-inclusive meeting packages designed to make your event a success in every way.

Along with meetings and conferences, we are partnered with Backyard Journeys to offer team building, leadership training and executive higher education courses on property.

Whether you are planning a company outing or a fundraising dinner, Warren Conference Center and Inn is prepared to help you plan a successful event. Our executive chef can create a menu that adheres to your culinary needs, and our experienced event staff will ensure a flawless event.

Conferences and Meeting Packages

Our meeting and conference packages are designed with you in mind. The ease of the packages allow you to concentrate on the content and productivity of your meeting or retreat!

One flipchart, conference supplies and LCD Projector and screen are included in our conference package. Additional audio-visual equipment or service is available upon request.

Our corporate meeting venue is complemented by professional and experienced conference service staff that provides exceptional service. With meeting rooms of varying sizes, we are able to accommodate groups of 5-150 guests. Our meeting rooms feature special comforts and amenities, including working fireplaces, natural light, high speed internet access, built in audio-video technology and ergonomic executive swivel chairs.


  • Meeting Room, most with natural light
  • Continental Breakfast
  • Conference Supplies
  • Morning & Afternoon Breaks
  • Standard Audio Visual Equipment
  • Luncheon Buffet


  • Meeting Room, most with natural light
  • Full Breakfast
  • Conference Supplies
  • Morning & Afternoon Breaks
  • Standard Audio Visual Equipment
  • Luncheon Buffet
  • Overnight Accommodations
  • Dinner Buffet
  • Health Club Facility

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With over 100 acres, Warren Conference Center and Inn is an ideal location for your retreat. We have both cabin and hotel accommodations with a wide variety of activities available on property. Your group will leave the hustle and bustle behind and focus on the task at hand. An ideal setting for productive planning, team building, networking and socializing; the options are limitless! Enjoy a campfire and s’mores after a day of meetings and outdoor activities.

We have athletic fields that can be used for softball and soccer games. We also have a tennis court, volleyball court, and an area for horseshoes. Enjoy the 3.5 mile walking trail around the lake or canoeing and swimming off of our beach. Don’t worry about meals! We have that covered! We work with your agenda and objectives to create a memorable, productive retreat just 25 miles west of Boston.

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Training and Community Building

Warren Conference Center and Inn is a perfect choice to bring teams together! Working with our Training and Consulting partner, Backyard Journeys, we customize programs to suit your group’s needs. Both indoor and outdoor activities are orchestrated to accomplish your goals. Our many acres of both wooded and open space is home to both a high and low ropes course designed to build trust and camaraderie within groups. Nestled in the woods, our ropes courses are a fun and engaging way to bring groups together.

The Backyard Journeys “Challenge by Choice” philosophy allows all participants to be involved at a level best for them and does not promote pushing anyone too far out of their comfort zone. Although the events are designed to introduce several levels of challenge, no one is forced to climb or do anything they are not comfortable with. The skilled trainers can identify many different ways for all participants to stay involved and contribute so they can support the team while on the challenge course.

High Ropes activity examples:

Giant Swing: The Giant Swing is one of our most popular elements. A participant is connected to the end of 2 steel cables as well as an “elevator” rope. The rest of the team, using the elevator rope, pulls the participant up anywhere from 5-45 feet off the ground, however high the participant challenges themselves to go. At this point the participant must pull a rip cord to release the “elevator” rope and take a giant swing on the steel cables. Thrilling is the only way to describe it!

The Flying Squirrel: This is a very popular event. Teams and individuals gain greater confidence, better communication skills and a sense of a shared mission on this element. A participant is attached to the end of a rope that runs approximately 40-feet in the air to a pulley and back down to a group of 8-10 participants attached to the other end of the rope. Working in unison, the “pony team” pulls the “flying squirrel” up to a desired height so they can enjoy the thrill of flying.

Giant’s Ladder: The Giant’s Ladder provides high climbing action on an oversized ladder that is made of beams and cables. Teams of 3-4 people have limited time to plan, implement, review and make changes to their climbing strategy. They also rely on their ground safety belay team to protect them as they climb this challenging element.

Catwalk: A horizontally positioned pole suspended between two trees 25 feet off the ground that requires balance and the belay support of participants on the ground to successful cross from one end to the other.

2-Line Bridge: A single foot cable with a hand line, which participants need to traverse across a 50ft span while on a belay system.

Low Ropes activity examples:

The Wall: A 14’ high wall must be safely scaled by the team without the use of any props.

Mohawk Walk: This low ropes activity utilizes varying lengths of cable strung between trees 8 to 12 inches off of the ground to form a circuit. With the assistance of other team members, individuals walk across each span while accumulating points for their team. Multiple teams are required to reach a sub-team and total-team goal.

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Corporate Outings

Our private location is perfect for a spring, summer or fall company outing. On over 100 acres adjacent to the scenic Ashland Reservoir, we offer a beautiful backdrop to a perfect day. Join us for the sounds, sights and tastes of an old-fashioned New England gathering. During your outing, Warren Conference Center and Inn will provide use of our outdoor space and activities.  In addition to swimming, kayaking and paddle boarding, we offer the space to play volleyball, horseshoes, softball, tennis and soccer. We are able to accommodate an unlimited number of guests for your outing, picnic or celebration.

Take your outing to the next level!  Allow us to assist with arranging entertainment, games, inflatables, climbing walls and other items to make your outing as unique as your guests.

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