Warren Conference Center and Inn Sustainability Program

Around the Facility

  • Fluorescent lighting and/or LED used throughout the facility, including guest rooms
  • Reusable cups for employee cafeteria, in lieu of disposable cups
  • Wooden pallets picked up for re-use or recycled
  • Recycling of cardboard, plastic, aluminum, glass, newspapers, magazines and office paper
  • Printer/copier paper has 30% recycled content
  • Maintenance log kept for all property vehicles, appliances & equipment
  • Recycle used ink and toner cartridges
  • Disposable coffee cups made of compostable or recycled material
  • Common area spaces are set and adhered to seasonal thermostat guidelines
  • No Idling Policy for Hotel Vehicles and Vendor Deliveries to reduce air pollution
  • Appliances and equipment are installed or replaced as needed with “Energy Efficient” models , maintenance kept up to ensure efficiency
  • Perform/Order annual waste audit and use suggestions to reduce waste
  • High efficiency filters installed on HVAC equipment
  • Use of Eco Friendly, chemical free, nontoxic, Low-VOC, biodegradable cleaning products 
  • Energy management program in place to reduce electricity consumption
  • Worn towels, sheets and linens donated to local shelter, university fitness facilities, local YMCA/YWCA
  • Composting in place for food and yard waste
  • Rain Water Collection to water all plantings on property
  • Supplement paper towels with reusable fabric towels in public restrooms
  • Recycling containers available in conference rooms or public space
  • Meeting room notepads made of recycled paper
  • Hard top or laminate top tables are used for meetings to reduce linen usage
  • Recycle Containers available at Communal/ Permanent Break Stations
  • Local and/or organic seasonal hand fruit is available on all coffee breaks and restaurants
  • Eliminate disposables on coffee breaks and replace with china/glass where possible. Inventory china mugs, small plates & glasses at 65% of the conference center capacity
  • Pens made of recycled plastic or used pencils

In the Guest Rooms


  • Low Flow Showerhead  (2.5 gpm)
  • “Common Sense” linen program to encourage reuse of towels and sheets
  • Compact fluorescent bulbs installed in guest rooms
  • Guestroom keys made of recycled materials & biodegradable
  • Offer newspapers in Lobby in lieu of delivering them to each guest room (except VIP rooms)
  • Use of Eco Friendly, chemical free, nontoxic, Low-VOC, biodegradable cleaning products
  • Reusable glasses and mugs in guest rooms
  • Recycle Boxes or dual compartment waste cans in guest rooms.
  • Guestroom toiletries made from sustainable or organic products (Bee Kind)
  • Vacant guest rooms are kept at 66 degrees in winter & 76 degrees in summer
  • Email client bills instead of printing them unless requested
  • Glow in the dark light switches are utilized instead of night lights
  • Low flow toilet flush (1/6 gpf), tap low flow (2.2 gpm)

In the Kitchens

  • Milk is RBGH Free
  • Cage Free Eggs are used in all preparations (standard on the MOG)
  • Coffee is fairly traded (REAL coffee)
  • Local and/ seasonal hand fruit is available on all coffee breaks and restaurants
  • Chicken is raised using minimal amounts antibiotic and hormone free
  • Vegetarian products are available on all buffets
  • Organic Mesclun offered daily
  • Seafood program utilizes Monterey Bay Aquarium Sustainable Seafood Watch “Best Choice or Best Alternative”
  • Local and farmed-fresh foods within a 150 mile radius represent 15% of the overall produce purchased
  • Herb Gardens are utilized at all units
  • Beef is grass fed with limited amount of grain in the diet. No Antibiotics, Added Hormones, Artificial ingredients, or artificial Preservatives

In the Office

  • Recycle used ink and toner cartridges
  • Catering Menus printed on recycled paper, link to websites, burn to cd’s/flash drives or downloadable
  • Use scrap paper for notes
  • Active/Established Green Committee or Green Leader to promote and encourage environmental awareness and actions taken at property